Successfully expanding company



Successfully expanding company

With 20 years of experience in the aviation sector MAERCO serves as general sales agents for various airlines with service in the sales, marketing and reservations.

With offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Alicante and Lisbon, MAERCO is perfectly structured to ensure its customers a seamless entry into the travel agency sector.

Our current portfolio is:

Action Network

Red de Actuación


Through its offices throughout Spain and Portugal, and developers based in strategic areas, MAERCO offers a network of superb performance for its customers.



 Deal with travel agencies.

Trabajo con Agencias

We serve over 9,000 travel agencies in a personalized manner through our call center staffed by 6 people. We also have a database that allows us to immediately update any news or information to launch a sector.

Our business maintains a network of routine visits to all travel agencies to inform you personally of any developments relating to our airlines. Also allows us to improve our database, surveys of quality of service and collect competitive information. Weekly inform our customers of the commercial activities carried out ...


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